Still Alive 60 min long


Nick's latest & by far most requested show

(customizing a program for each event, for your event)


Nick is known for elevating Sword Swallowing like you've never seen it before!

After 4,000+ years of recorded history, he pushed the envelope to forward the art, calling this is the "generation where sword swallowing is re-invented!"


Then in 2014, in a freak accident unrelated to performing, Nick crushed his left hand. Not sure if he'd ever be able to safely turn a cartwheel while swallowing a sword again, he felt determined to beat the odds. After months of intensive physical therapy, he's back!

Combining his own unique life story, Nick delivers a deeper message of human potential, motivation, inspiration, overcoming fears and life obstacles. This comedy driven show will have you holding your breath, then bursting out laughing!

 A one man circus sideshow sure to have you on the edge of your seats! While extreme entertainment can 

be good for some people, lets face it, you certainly don’t want to be embarrassed or worse, have your guests in a negative light. While enormously intriguing and incredibly unique, Nick Penney's entertainment is always appropriate; in language, style and content. Your reputation is always in the front of his mind. Adding to your positive reputation is his highest priority. No surprises, just a top-notch experience for everyone involved.


Guests will experience traditional sideshow stunts and Nick's variations on those classics. Its a modern day one man circus sideshow complete with fire-eating and fire breathing, the human blockhead, glass walking, plate spinning, the bed of nails, balancing stunts, and what Nick's most known for; sword-swallowing!

General Sequence List:
Announcer Introduction and Disclaimer,
Human Blockhead & Brain Floss,
Glass Walking/Jumping,
Bed Of Glass Or Nails,
Money Tree (staple gun fun),
Sword Swallowing,
My story,
Bending coat hanger in throat,
Small Swords to Large Swords,
Sword Swallowing Acrobatics (if stage permits),
World Record Reenactments (if stage permits),
Message (as needed/requested by client),

* Stage Requirements: For Nick to perform his world record sword swallowing acrobatic maneuvers (cartwheels and such) as safely as possible, an absolute minimum of 10 (TEN) feet by 4 (FOUR) feet of cleared performance area/stage and a minimum 6 (SIX) foot ceiling height is REQUIRED.

If Nick will not be on a stage; flat, level ground is a must! If on pavement or cement, a carpet with rubber backing must be provided to prevent Nick from slipping. Which could result in Death.

* For Nick to include his world record of swallowing swords up side down a rigging point is mandatory, either a strong beam, or a strong outstretched tree branch a minimum of 6 (8 feet is better) above ground (need clearance for the 2 foot sword after all).