Nick Penney is an entertainer performing dozens of shows each year. His arsenal of skills include extreme sword swallowing, fire eating, swallowing light bulbs, jumping on broken glass and other high profile/high energy stunts that draw your audience to the edge of their seats!
Nick's passion for the performing arts began with his love for magic at 8 years old, but didn't stop there. Having taken martial arts from an early age, Nick had wielded a sword first hand. Later when he was 12 years old he witnessed sword swallowing via a documentary, couldn't believe it was real, but was fascinated! Nick began extensive research on sword swallowing, human anatomy, fire art, and sideshow history in general; eventually teaching himself all the traditional sideshow acts.
In early August of 2010 Nick coined the term "Acrobatic Sword Swallowing" when he swallowed a sword and executed a cartwheel! Since then Nick has continued to raise the bar, redefining "Mind Over Matter", and breaking world records; including 'Most Swords Swallowed While Suspended Up Side Down'.
In 2011 Nick began presenting his family friendly variety show titled "Still Alive!" at bars, private functions, restaurants, & festivals through out Maine and New England. His unique arsenal of extreme skills may be what captures peoples attention, but it's his charm and passion for entertainment that really draws you in.
After a 3 year successful run, in a freak accident unrelated to performing, Nick crushed his left hand. After much physical therapy, Nick is back and deeming his 2015 show "Unstoppable!"
After countless remarks similar to "I can't believe you're still alive!" from people after his shows, in 2016, Nick returned to the Still Alive theme, but with a completely new show and routines.
After the sudden and tragic loss of a very close friend of Nick's, he became distraught and suffered from depression. Turning his grief and pain towards his art, he began writing his newest show, State of Mind.
A 30 minute stage show, State of Mind is a journey Nick and his audience take together. Featuring hypnosis, mentalism, never before seen sword swallowing feats, metaphors of life and death, along with a secret and unadvertised routine you have to attend to experience.
Through years of training and experience, interacting with the public, he's learned a thing or two about entertainment and what it takes to have a top notch show. The perfect balance of comedy and education that's proven to leave a lasting impression. A one of a kind inspirational speaker using extreme sword swallowing, fire eating, and other high profile/high energy stunts to draw your audience to the edge of their seats with a funny, up-beat, and up lifting program!
Looking for entertainment that's unique, fun, interesting, funny, intense, special, a show everyone will enjoy, an experience no one will forget?

Time Line:

Born: December 10 1988

Began martial arts training: 1994

Got his first magic set: December 10 1996

Got his second magic set: December 25 1996

Saw sword swallowing in a Discovery channel documentary series titled, Grand Illusions The Story of Magic; episodes 'Weird Magic': 1999-2000

Began studying the history of sword swallowing: 1999-2000

Began studying human anatomy, specificity the neck and torso: 2000

Performed magic in his school talent show: 2001

Began training for and learning sword swallowing: 2005

Swallowed first sword June 23 2006

Revealed to his family and friends he could proficiently sword swallow at will: May 2007

First sword swallowing injury: July 11th 2008

Began instructing older sister Laura in sword swallowing: April 2009

Laura swallows her first sword: February 2 2010

Set New World Record Most Push Ups While Sword Swallowing: April 23 2010

Swallowed a sword upside down: April 2010

World's First Sword Swallowing Cartwheel: August 5 2010

Second sword swallowing injury: October 30 2010

Broke World Record Swallowing 3 Swords Upside Down: June 11 2012

Set New World Record Most Sword Swallowed While Turning A Cartwheel: July 14 2012

Set New World Record Most Cartwheels with Flaming Sword Swallowed: July 14 2012

Began instructing his nephew Cullen Penney (Laura's adult son) in fire eating: July 2015

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! named him The Acrobatic Swordsman and included him in the book Eye-Popping Oddities: September 8 2015

Worlds first "Hypno-Sword Swallow" demonstrated: July 16th 2016

2nd Performance of Hypno-Sword Swallowing , First time performed on a Female: August 1st 2016

Worlds first sectional sword swallow: September 2017

19th successful performance of #HypnoSwordSwallowing : December 31st 2017