* Fairs and Festivals: 15-30min long show(s).


Nick Penney is a master of crowd gathering at fairs, festivals, and carnivals. Nick is a true Sideshow Wonder Worker. Featuring remarkable skills combined with just the right touch of comedy and education that offers an exciting change from conventional forms of entertainment.


Nick offers traditional sideshow stunts and variations on old favorites. Stunts such as fire-eating and breathing, the human blockhead, and what Nick's most known for; sword-swallowing! Its a one man circus sideshow that fits in just a few cases. Easy to work with and flexible thru out the day. This type of performance can be on a stage or on the fairs grounds. Ask about Nick including World Record Reenactments to your event!

Please call for prices.

Discounts may apply for multiple day contracts.


Please contact for prices.