Pitchcards were made by sideshow performers to sell as souvenirs to the marks/audiences following their act. They were usually a picture of the performer exhibiting one or more of their amazing feats or unusual appearance. The cards allowed the performer to make a couple extra nickles and gave the mark a nice keepsake. Continuing in this historic tradition, Nick has decided to create his very own pitchcard! In today's age, photos and videos are redily available online, so Nick has hand signed each card to add a special quality to these souvenir pitchcards!

Signed Pitchcard

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  • These 4" x 6" cards are printed on both sides. On the front, an image of Nick performing his world record sword swallowing cartwheel. One the reverse, is a list of acts Nick has performed over the years along with X-rays of Nick and other tidbits.


    Frames Not Included

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